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AroniSmartLytics™: Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis with Emojis, Boosters, and Acronyms  Soon Avalaible in AroniSmartLytics™ and AroniSmartInvest™

AroniSmartLytics™, is the most advanced analytical, statistical research, Machine Learning, Bayesian research, Data Mining and Text Analysis tool built for Mac OS. AroniSmartInvest ™ is the most advanced investment and research analysis tool that leverage advanced statistical, data mining and Text analysis methodologies.

Now, the two applications are about to get cutting edges capabilities in text analysis: Sentiment and Emotion Analysis  with valence taking into account acronyms, emojis, shortcuts,  and boosters.

  • Using advanced String to Word processing or Naïve Bayes Multinomial text  or Sentiment Analytics mining algorithms, evaluators and search algorithms, AroniSmartLytics and AroniSmartInvest™have now full capabilities to mine text, identify most predictive words and make perform regressions.
  • However, Text analysis is beyond just tags and words. Sentiment and Emotion play a major role in understanding the attitude of the text writer. Here come emojis and boosters, including ALL CAPS, new shortcuts or acronyms, such as LOL!, OMG!, etc...  
  • The improved Text Analysis capabilities in AroniSmartIntelligence and AroniSmartInvest will address these new trends in how people express their attitudes, emotions,  and sentiments.

Be Ready to embark on another journey of  Sentiment and Emotions Text Analysis, where emojis, boosters, acronyms and shortcuts may have hidden meanings or scream with attitude!

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Welcome into the World of Applied and Research Statistics, Big Data Mining, and Text Analysis with AroniSmartLytics™ and Investment Research with AroniSmartInvest™


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Available Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM EST

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